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The trademark "OPAL" has been included in the trademark protection list of Guangdong Province


Opal Cosmetics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that on May 15, 2023, it has been granted the "Guangdong Province Key Trademark Protection Catalog Inclusion Certificate" for its registered trademark "OPAL" (Trademark Registration No.: 924476). This prestigious recognition places "OPAL" under the province's key trademark protection, ensuring enhanced protection for a period of three years.

Guangdong's key trademark protection initiative is designed to safeguard trademarks with significant market presence and high recognition, which are at risk of infringement. By integrating these trademarks into the protection catalog, the system provides increased vigilance against counterfeiting and malicious registration practices, thereby reinforcing intellectual property rights.

The inclusion of "OPAL" marks a second honor for Opal Cosmetics following the similar recognition of "Opal OPAL" in April 2022. This reaffirms Opal Cosmetics' commitment to upholding intellectual property standards and signifies a new milestone in the company's ongoing pursuit of excellence in trademark protection.

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