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About Opal


As a leading enterprise in the China, Opal Cosmetics Group Co., Ltd. boasts over 30 years of profound experience in the personal care and beauty products sector. The Group has adopted an innovative dual-track business model, encompassing the independent manufacturing of its own brand products as well as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) services. Over years of market operations, Opal Group has successfully established a diverse customer base and garnered widespread recognition and acclaim on the international stage.

At the heart of Opal Group's own brand manufacturing business is the flagship brand Opal, which focuses on the independent development, design and production of body care and hair care products. Leveraging a robust brand expansion strategy, the Group has successfully launched several sub-brands such as Orie, OLast, Perfume Guardian etc., further solidifying its market position and influence.

In the realm of OEM services, Opal Group is committed to providing comprehensive one-stop solutions. The Group holds 64 patent registrations, including 24 invention patents, 26 utility model patents, and 14 design patents. Furthermore, with a substantial reserve of over 20,000 formulations, the Group is adept at offering clients complete services in product R&D, production, and brand image creation, assisting them in introducing their products to global markets such as Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region.



Manufacturing Facility


Total surface area: 106,000 sqm
Daily output of organic solvents: 3 tons

Daily output of soap: 5 tons

Product filling daily output: 900,000 pcs

Product packing daily output: 500,000 sets



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